Bland or Bold? What’s the birthday card you’d choose?

The birthday card you choose reflects a lot about who you are, like any choice you make in life.

Choosing a birthday card however, goes further.  It’s a combination of what’s in your heart about the recipient too.  It’s known that people who give birthday cards are essentially giving people who tend to be in touch, so they face the plethora of choices in a good card shop hoping to connect perfectly with something they see on the shelf.  A birthday card is probably one of the most demanding card choices because you pick according to what you think rings right for the recipient, yet it inextricably says a lot about you, the giver.

birthday cardOne of the things that started me out producing greeting cards from my Paperartzi caricatures, was my feeling that there weren’t many really original designs that were bold enough in colour, design and content to suit me. I used to go searching for something someone else had done that spoke for me.  I love colour, lots of bold colour and I have a quirky sense of humour and typically, I also speak my mind.

Most of my friends too, like me are generally not into the soft, pastel choices, but surely this must be the majority of people.   I do try to think things through carefully and consider all angles, but then I don’t shy from saying what must be said and how to say it.  I’m comfortable with that though, I’m not an extrovert.  I’m mostly just passionate and I know what I like, don’t like and I reveal it.

One look at the vast sea of birthday card choices on the market supports my statements here.  “Vanilla” or “beige” approaches with bland designs, colours and few words is the most common formula. I think it’s a bit like the McDonald’s burger approach I read that goes roughly like this:  “We don’t make the best burgers, and we don’t aim to, but they won’t offend anyone either”.  It’s the safe approach and it seems to work for the majority.

The Paperartzi birthday cards on the other hand are just an expression of my character, and the people who choose to buy them have their reasons, but it clearly coincides with much of what comes through about me in my designs.  I know that passion is one of my greatest driving forces and it gives me an almost blind confidence to just do what I do.  Maybe that’s you too!

Now, here’s the thing:  I know from my experience that when a person who is unafraid to express themselves gives me a gift or card, I feel it’s a real compliment because they speak from the core without being shy or circumspect. So don’t hold back, your birthday card recipient is someone who means something.  Be bold and let them be told!

Hopefully then, you’ll enjoy a birthday card I created, and it gets just the right reaction you were looking for.

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