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The making of
Richard Branson
a Paperartzi caricature

The making of
a Paperartzi caricature

About Us

The Paperartzi are first and foremost the original invention and creation of Ray Besserdin, multi international award-winning Paper Sculpture Artist.

Whilst Ray is known for his stunning contemporary artwork www.papersculptureartist.com  The Paperartzi caricatures grew naturally from Ray’s childhood love of making all sorts of things from paper, cartooning and caricaturing.

“The first characters I thought of, my heroes, were just torn scraps of paper with a face, a tuft of hair, floating hands and feet. I called them Rip-Torns. One of them stars on The Paperartzi logo trademark today”.

Every object of paper we know of is fair game as one of The Paperartzi.  Paper objects suddenly become a vehicle to laugh and learn about ourselves in a way that’s fresh, fun and inspiring.

As the Paper + Art name implies, every artwork in The Paperartzi brand is made in paper sculpture and therefore has a style and life uniquely intrinsic to Ray’s ideas and techniques.

Above all, they’re just Rippin good Fun!



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