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Who are We?

Ok, who’re the Paperartzi?

“Hi, my name’s Rip. I’m the lucky guy pictured on the logo, and carrying the banner for the Paperartzi makes it only right that I tell you the story.

To begin, you’ve actually known about us all your life. In fact, our story really goes back as far as the ancient Egyptians when they discovered our earliest primitive ancestors called Papyrus. Around 100BC the Chinese discovered our oldest true predecessors and since then we’ve evolved millions of ways, through the remainder of human history.

You see us every day, yet you don’t even notice us. We’re there at the supermarket and the office; we’re in the department store, the toy store and the butchers. We’re there when you collect your order at the fast food joint or have your pizza delivered. Haha! We’re even there to wipe away your business when nature calls.

I think you get it now. We’re everything through all of life that’s made of Paper! We’re the cardboard boxes that carry those pizzas, hold the fries and burgers, package your gifts; we’re your writing pads or tissue paper you blow your nose in – yuck, but someone has to cop it! Some of the liveliest of us are actually just the ripped up bits of paper you’d find on the floor. If you look closely, you’ll see they have faces. We nick-name them Rip-Torns, and shucks, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m one of them! So you see we’re all that stuff so familiar to you, but there’s actually a lot more to us than most people have ever seen.

To reveal our story to all of you, we have to thank Ray Besserdin, the Paper Sculpture Artist. He’s been playing with paper all his life, developed it into a serious art form and one day became aware that all we paper objects actually have a life of our own. Our cover was blown!

We only look quiet and compliant, but we come to life at any time, mostly when people aren’t looking, though you’re now the exception! Our lives imitate yours, since life can leave you with a wrinkle and a crease or two or put you in a tight fold and blow you away in a stormy event. It can then rip you up and leave you in shreds, stuff so familiar to us! But we’re here to brighten your life up, help you touch someone special; arrange an outrageously fun party or just give congratulations, and show you really mean it. In our paper world, things can happen with a twist that can even put the woes of your life into the funniest, light-hearted new perspective. Life with us is just unlimited with possibilities for fun and mischief, but also love and appreciation.

One point I almost missed, we are all real 3D objects made of real paper. We come to you from a world of paper sculpture art, beautifully reproduced in 2D form because it’s the only way to be there for you all, at one and the same time. As original as you are however, there’s a one-off original framed art of each of us waiting to come to your home, to enjoy the rest of your life.

I must mention an exception we made to all of us originating as paper objects. We decided that for Xmas and a few other special reasons, we’d invite some guests who are not from the paper world, but with Ray’s help, we turned Santa and a whole bundle of friends into paper caricatures too. Richard Branson was inducted recently when we had him turned into a Rip-Torn faced caricature!

So now you know who the Paperartzi are. I’m sure you’ve also realised that you were drawn here because our personality is just a reflection of yours. You love laughter, love, (a bit of plonk!) and a

good share of cheekiness and fun. You’re into lots of colour and believe in showing kindness and appreciation to those you care for.

You own a bit of us because we’re a bit you, and you’re never too old to show who’s bold, are you? Here’s to a life of “Rippin’ good Fun!”

Cheers, Rip

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