Guess what Screwella’s so peeved about?

Screwella and whoThere she stands on my cutting board looking very disagreeably at something on her left side.  From here you can’t really tell much, though it a rough sketch.

My question to my audience is, what could she be like that about?

I’ll remind you that I constructed the caricature of Screwella on the basis of a character who wants to find fulfilment and love in life, but she is certain it all starts with getting as much attention as possible first and foremost.  So she does her hair like flames and wears a “jump suit” with a big collar to further lift her visual profile.  Her makeup is hard edged, like she has become from so many knock backs.  The flip side is that she always has issues with any kind of fuss or simple attention given to others, yet down deep she’s really a nice person.

If only someone would break through the barriers she puts up, but that’s the fun in the story of Screwella. Day after day, she makes the same goof ups, mixes with the wrong crowd for protection and props herself up by making the excuse to herself that everyone is so jealous of her. That’s why they leave her alone.  What do you think?

Anyway, that is how I imagined Screwella when I looked at a twisted piece of paper I made and realised how it could be a great new caricature in the Paperartzi family.

Tell me your thoughts on her personal attributes and what sorts of stories you’d construct around her.  Do you know someone like her already?  Think about them and how you see them relate to others around her, both socially and at the office.

I look forward to hearing your responses and comparing ideas!  Make sure you leave an email address so I can reply to your comments personally.

Have a rippin’ fun day!

Cheers Ray