Making Richard Branson into a Paperartzi paper sculpture, Pt 2

Refine and colour Richard Bransonvlr

Part 2.  Tightening the drawing and planning colours 

Going back to the first post you’ll see a rough sketch of the idea to make Richard Branson into one of my characters from the Paperartzi family.  It was only a rough up and it didn’t concern me too much if the resemblance still needed work.

I often let designs sit for a few days, coming back here and there with a fresh perspective to see if  I can  improve them.  This piece with Richard Branson was no exception and I realised that having him in a formal situation addressing a speaking event didn’t fit the temperament of the Paperartzi. They’re representative of the fun side of life, so RB needed to be in a fittingly more casual pose.  Jeans and jacket is still standard fair, but giving the two thumbs is the kind of uplifting feel I want for my caricatures.  It’s perfectly fitting to Richard Branson anyway!

Of course, that was a good reason to redraw the original sketch and the opportunity to develop the caricature still further.  Though I’m fairly satisfied now I’ll go on making subtle changes over the next few days till I start the process of templating.

In the picture, you’ll see the black and white original pencil drawing.  Thrown above it is one of several photocopies I make of that sketch to test various colour ideas.  That way, if I don’t like a colour design, I don’t have to damage the original drawing and I’m going to need that for the template making.

The version of colours you see is my final choice.  Bear in mind, I’m not using this drawing as a caricature sketch in its own right, it’s just a guide for me to select my paper colours and prepare myself for the parts I’ll airbrush.

In Part 3, I will select my palette of working papers including many that are already coloured.  I also begin the template making. This may look simple enough but requires a lot of thought as to what will happen to each cut shape once moulded into shape and assembled to complete the 3D paper sculpture.