Making Richard Branson a Paperartzi caricature Part 3

Richard Branson version 3 - paperartzi caricatureIt’s called artist’s prerogative… I changed my mind about his appearance once more and now the Paperartzi Caricature Part 3!

This is just the thing about art.  It’s a process of creativity with no hard boundaries and while I was content with the version in my second post, something about it just didn’t capture Richard Branson as I picture him.  It was still a bit stiff.  In fact, what you see here is actually the fourth version because there was a third that was arguably a better resemblance in many ways but stood there like a Richard Branson version of a Ken doll in a toy shop.  There was no animation in the pose because I got lost concentrating on his features.  I’m a detail person and it’s an easy pitfall for me. Paperartzi caricature is really made up of hardwork and my real creativity.

I got up one morning last week and just went loose with the pencil, capturing the person I really see, not so much the resemblance, but the one with life and character.  That’s what  art should do.  It should get the essence, the impression, and that can be more real than an accurate representation because it captures the life of the person or thing.  Abstracting and caricaturing can be quite challenging like that because the skill lies in applying only the qualities that get right to the spot without being detail accurate.  Caricaturing gets trickier still because, as I mentioned once before, you need to know what to distort to what degree without loosing the plot!

Developing Richard Branson into one of the Paperartzi caricature needs attention to the pose for the sake of their own branding. They are fun and lively; they bring happiness and joy.  That’s their mission and I need my adaptations of real people therefore, to fit that form.

Now I’m finally happy!  He has that great big, full-on lively, engaging laugh I picture when I see him in my mind.  It’s part of his character branding.  I’m sure you all agree.  Now it’s time to watch the little sculpture come to life in 3D!

In Part 4,  I’ll start the template making, as was supposed to happen this time, and I’ll choose my palette of papers and start cutting out the pieces ready for forming.